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Lexus Master Sommelier Carlton McCoy chooses his favorites from Napa Valley's Mayacamas Vineyards.

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Drawing Board to Driveway: How Lexus took Lexus-owner expectations into account when building the new LC.
> “We made it real”
Lexus LC 500h
Serious About Safety: Lexus is working to make automatic braking a standard feature on many future vehicles.
> Helps detect imminent collisions
Lexus Safety
You Want Me to Eat What? Lexus Culinary Masters Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo host an adventurous demo at Aspen’s Food & Wine Classic
> “Nose-to-tail” cuisine
You Want Me to Eat What?
Sustainable Sound: Lexus and Panasonic extract superior speaker sounds from an unlikely source—bamboo.
> The technique
Sustainable Sound
Meet the Next Master: Yet another crazy-talented young chef, Carlo Mirarchi, earns the title of Lexus Culinary Master.
> Looks forward to “racetrack time”
Meet the Next Master
Riding the F SPORT Road Bike: Tour de France commentator and former pro cyclist Bob Roll takes the Lexus F SPORT Road Bike for a high-speed cruise.
> Like a “rocket ship”
Riding the F SPORT Road Bike
Driving Music: Summer road trip music from electronic-indie band Kye Kye.
> A rising band
Driving Music
Building Your Next Lexus: A look inside the Lexus Cambridge plant, where Lexus models are made as perfectly as possible.
> Key tool: the “Godzilla machine”
Building Your Next Lexus
The Latest Lexus Vehicles: Lexus shows off two new models this spring—the Lexus RC F SPORT and the Lexus NX.
> Both score at April auto shows
The Latest Lexus Vehicles
Lexus on Two Wheels: Why bicycles, Lexus vehicles, and a premium lifestyle all go together.
> 2014’s first Lexus-sponsored cycling event
Lexus on two wheels
Performance Path: Born from the IS F, LFA, and LF-CC, the Lexus RC F is the latest spearhead in Lexus’s performance-design surge.
> Began with a secret project
Performance Path
Inside Swarm: A chat with the visionary behind the quadcopter-filled Lexus digital film, Swarm.
> Influenced by Toy Story
Inside Swarm
25 Years of the Lexus LS: The flagship has been with us for a quarter century—here are 25 reasons it’s the finest automobile ever made.
> Reason 10: the ”stethoscope treatment”
25 Years of the Lexus LS
RC F—the Performance Features: We know the new Lexus RC F is made for the roads, but here’s a few clues that Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi may have been thinking about the track experience.
> Seats “hold you in place”
new Lexus RC F
Power Play: The 2015 RC F is made to be street legal, but it’s clear the chief engineer wanted to build a racing car.
> Biggest Lexus V8 ever
Power Play
2014 GS F SPORT Tops BMW: An independent study confirms that the GS F SPORT outperforms the BMW 535i M Sport in 12 key areas.
> Better handling performance
2014 GS F SPORT Tops BMW
Welcome to the Team: Eight things to know about chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the newest members of the Lexus Culinary Masters team.
> Feel free to call them “master”
The New Culinary Masters
2014 CT 200h reveal: It’s official—the updated compact luxury vehicle will make its debut this month in Guangzhou, China.
> Spindle grille, new backend design
2014 CT 200h
Building the SEMA contest car: As this video shows, the team is having a good time turning a fan’s winning IS redesign into reality.
> Vehicle raises, lowers via smartphone
Building the SEMA contest car
SEMA contest car update: It’s getting closer—the winning modified-IS design is taking shape, quite nicely, as a life-size vehicle.
> Builder’s strategy
SEMA contest car update
Place your bid: Tony Hawk is about to auction off a one-of-a-kind DUB-modified Lexus IS.
> For a good cause
Place your bid
Lean Machine: Lexus kicks off auto show season with a new concept hybrid.
> A “compact crossover” SUV
Lean Machine
Lexus picks SEMA project car winner: For this year’s SEMA auto show, Lexus challenged fans to redesign the 2014 IS.
> The winning design
SEMA project car winner
Personal Assistant: Apple’s Siri Eyes-Free system is coming to select 2014 Lexus vehicles.
> Dictates emails, sends IMs
Personal Assistant
Video—Lexus IS F CCS-R screams up Pikes Peak: Lexus pro driver Ken Gushi burns rubber on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.
> Race result
Lexus IS F CCS-R screams up Pikes Peak
Legacy of a Supercar: A look back at how the LFA was made—and a look forward at its impact on future Lexus models.
> Inspiring next-generation vehicles
Legacy of a Supercar
Chatting with the Actionists: Two giants of exploration—and eco-activism—join Lexus for a chat. The topic? Saving the world.
> Upcoming expedition
The “Actionists”
Sports-Sedan Showdown: Car and Driver magazine compares the 2014 IS F SPORT, BMW 335i, and Cadillac ATS 3.6.
> The winner
Sport Sedan Showdown
Lexus IS Test Drives: Coming to a stadium near you this summer—the Lexus IS ride-and-drive tour.
> Also included: LFA hot laps
Lexus IS Test Drives
Twice the Power: Two Lexus LFAs take a spin together around Atlanta Motorsports Park.
> Not an everyday sight
Twice the Power
Pebble Beach Food & Wine starts next week: It’s your annual opportunity to check in with the Lexus Culinary Masters. Here’s what they’ve been up to since last year’s event.
> Gourmet popcorn and “paleo cooking”
Pebble Beach Food & Wine
DNA, fracking, and 70,000 plastic bottle caps: The Lexus Eco Challenge picks this year’s 10 winning teams, all of which took on some major eco issues.
> $500,000 in prize money
 Lexus Eco Challenge Winners
The first and final U.S. LFAs: Owner Roy Mallady, who owns both the first and last production LFAs to come to U.S. shores, puts his vehicles on display.
> Side-by-side photos
The first and final U.S. LFAs
Lexus LS cabin grows orchids: Seen the “LS Orchid Experience” yet? Apparently the 2014 LS cabin is comfortable enough to sprout tropical flowers in the dead of winter.
> Time-lapse video
LS climate control system grows orchids
The Lexus Design Award winners: Picks include a foldable electric scooter and a kayak designed to send you into deep thought.
> Chosen from more than 1,200 entries
The Lexus Design Award winners
Lexus Eco Challenge update: Lexus will soon award $500,000 in scholarship money to this year’s Lexus Eco Challenge winners.
> One entry: innovative wind turbine
Lexus Eco Challenge Update
Kelley Blue Book Award: Grammys, Oscars—February is peak awards season, so it’s fitting that Lexus has already earned some of the year’s first automotive honors.
>The winning category
Kelley Blue Book award
Reaction Time: Auto bloggers on the 2014 Lexus IS.
>See what they said
Reaction Time
Dispatch from the Detroit auto show: It’s been a great show with the 2014 Lexus IS launch—as always, Lexus wishes you could be here in person.
> Floors “glow” in Lexus display area
Detroit auto show
Look Ma, no subscription! 2014 Lexus IS drivers will be the first to enjoy real-time weather and traffic in their cars with no subscription necessary.
> A new technology
A new technology
Top Lexus videos of 2012: Lexus fans’ favorite, most-watched videos on the Lexus YouTube channel.
> One with a “trippy” song
Top Lexus videos of 2012
Something to look forward to: Just a reminder that the redesigned Lexus IS is gearing up for the Detroit auto show—we’re just a few short weeks away.
> January 15 reveal
Lexus IS
The Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser (LFLC): Reindeer, apparently, will get the night off thanks to a modified Lexus for Santa.
> EV mode for quiet rooftop landings
The Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser
Jay Leno drives the next IS: Lexus allows the comedian to drive and film the new (camouflaged) Lexus IS.
> Chief engineer plays straight man
Jay Leno drives the next IS
Check in for charity: Help Lexus raise money for Boys & Girls Clubs of America—add an app that donates $10 each time you check in via Facebook Places and Foursquare.
> $100,000 goal
Check in for charity
Breaking in the LFA: A Lexus insider drives the LFA to the top of Pikes Peak.
> A world-first journey
Breaking in the LFA
Premium Grit: Once again, a heavily modified LX 570 showcased Lexus quality by winning the grueling Baja 1000 off-road race.
> Washouts, missing bridges
Premium Grit
The Two-Toned Lexus LFA: A Lexus dealership orders up the first LFA to be painted in two colors. Naturally, it took The Lexus Enthusiast about two seconds to track it down for a photoshoot.
> A “pod-like” cabin
Lexus LFA
LFA vs. Jet—the Video: In case you haven’t seen it yet, this video answers the age-old question: Who would win in a race—a Lexus supercar or a twin-engine jet?
> A tight finish
LFA vs. Jet
Seen at SEMA 2012: Lexus wishes every fan could visit the SEMA auto show this week—at the very least they can enjoy these shots from the Lexus display area.
> This year’s project cars
Seen at SEMA 2012
Lexus LF-LC—the sequel: Lexus unveils the second version of its LF-LC concept vehicle—and it’s a stunner.
> “Part concept, part reality”
Lexus LF-LC
Jay Leno tours the LFA assembly line: Lexus lets the comedian touch the carbon fiber, walk the factory floor, and drive the finished product.
> No “talking to the guys” though
Jay Leno
LFA vs. a Jet The Lexus LFA raced a jet yesterday (the LFA did well). But just how exactly does one set up a racecourse for a jet and a supercar? Answer: very carefully.
> The winner
LFA vs. a Jet
Unveiled—the Lexus LF-CC Lexus showcases its latest concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show, and it’s a head-turner.
> Photos from the floor
The Lexus LF-CC Storms Paris
Lexus to Reveal Next Concept Car: Next week, on September 27, the covers come off the Lexus LF-CC.
> A mid-size hybrid coupe
Lexus LF-CC
Lexus ES, Meet the iPad: If you’re even remotely thinking about buying a 2013 ES, download this app.
> Good test-drive prep
2013 Lexus ES—the Commercials!: True to entertaining, creative form, Lexus posts its latest visually stunning ad, this time for the ES.
> Ad “splits” the world
Lexus ES Ad
2013 LS—What People Are Saying: The 2013 LS has been out for a month now, giving auto reviewers plenty of time to express some opinions.
> Pretty favorable
2013 LS
Still driving—without a driver: Google’s self-driving car project is alive and well. The next phase? Put the self-driving Lexus RX 450h through a new battery of challenges.
> The goal: master “tricky situations”
Still driving—without a driver
“Benchmark” for the Future IS F In the end, the IS F CCS-R racecar put on a solid performance at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, but what really matters is what the vehicle means for IS F fans.
> Chief engineer wants feedback
Chief engineer wants feedback
Champion Climate Control: Since its debut last summer, the 2013 GS has been picking up oodles of recognition, even for its climate control system.
> Technical wonder
Champion Climate Control
“Looks Sweet!!” That’s one Lexus-fan response to last night’s 2013 LS reveal, but what do you think?
> Photos from the floor
Photos from the floor
Your Monday Night Plans: Forget the sunset, going to bed early, or downloading a movie—you’ve got the 2013 Lexus LS reveal to watch.
> When and where
Your Monday Night Plans
On location: This summer, if you see a photographer hanging out a moving car while chasing a 2013 GS, don’t worry—it’s just the Lexus Enthusiast capturing our next road trip.
> Lexus owners help out
On location
Here’s $1,000 for a Lexus CT 200h: For the rest of this year, recent college graduates get $1,000 toward a CT 200h or IS—how’s that for a graduation gift?
> A few requirements
Here’s $1,000 for a Lexus CT 200h
Lexus drivers tell Lexus what they want: This spring, Lexus created a temporary online suggestion box, which drivers immediately filled with awesome ideas.
> Robot arms to app keys
Lexus drivers tell Lexus what they want
RX F SPORT Test Drive: The Lexus Enthusiast tries out the 2013 RX F SPORT on Oregon’s backroads.
> Impressed with upgrades
Into the Wild
A Lexus speed demon: Get to know Ken Gushi, the pro driver who’ll be racing the Lexus IS F CCS-R racecar to the top of Pikes Peak.
> His strategy
A Lexus speed demon
Meet Doctor RX: When it comes to the Lexus RX, the expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” means nothing to Lexus RX Chief Engineer Takayuki Katsuda.
> His prediction for the 2022 model
Takayuki Katsuda
Your Lexus-owner golfing perks: The U.S. Open begins soon, which means...VIP parking for Lexus owners!
> Plus: more golfing benefits
Golfing Benefits
Go ahead—design your 2013 RX: The latest Lexus RX online color-selector is up and running, so by all means, have some fun with it.
> Exterior, interior, and wheel choices
2013 Lexus RX
More from the ES production line: Future 2012 ES owners, we wish we could invite you all out to watch the ES models coming together, but that would get pretty crowded. The least we can do is tell you about what you’d see.
> Lexus’ new “rough road tester”
ES Production
Spring recipe for Lexus owners: Here’s one way you benefit from Lexus’ team of celebrity chefs—you get their recipes. Here’s one from culinary dynamo Michelle Bernstein.
> Try it out
Bernstein Recipe
The Lexus stitching dojo: To qualify as a Lexus dashboard-upholstery craftsperson, you’ll need to pass a few simple tests—like perfectly folding an origami cat with one hand in under 90 seconds.
> Using your opposite hand
Lexus dashboard-upholstery
Camera fun with the GS F SPORT: We’ll say it again—Lexus cars look good on camera. More proof: these superb GS F SPORT photos from The Lexus Enthusiast.
> Snapped alongside a moving car
Camera fun with the GS F SPORT
A big week in New York: The 2013 ES has been getting a lot of attention, but Lexus has been showcasing another fine-looking new vehicle at the New York auto show this week—the 2013 RX 350 F SPORT.
> Photos from the floor
Photos from the floor
2013 ES—the video tour!: A Lexus College expert shows Lexus fans a few next-generation ES highlights.
> Includes a Lexus-first feature
2013 ES Video
Lexus ES—photos from the reveal: Lexus just revealed the sixth-generation ES at the New York International Auto Show, and it’s an athletic-looking beauty.
> Judge for yourself
ES Reveal
The wisdom of Lexus ES drivers: Next week, Lexus will reveal the sixth-generation ES, which got us thinking about what current ES drivers may already know about it.
> What previous ES generations tell you
SXSW 2012—what we saw: Couldn’t get down to Austin, Texas for one of the best music festivals in the history of the world? No problem, we have photos.
> On the streets and stages
On the streets and stages
Star Wars, The Euro, and Lexus: What do all three have in common? The year 1999.
> A good year for Lexus drivers
2013 RX
2013 RX—photos from Geneva: Lexus keeps the 2013-model hit parade going by revealing the 2013 RX at the Geneva Motor Show.
> Photos from the floor
2013 RX
How Lexus gets a grip: A Lexus insider demonstrates what it takes to design the perfect steering wheel.
> Special high-tech gloves
How Lexus gets a grip
Lexus fans know how to drive: If you build a course, Lexus fans will come. This time, it was an autocross, where drivers used a 2013 GS to compete for the best track time.
> The prize
Lexus fans know how to drive
Master of the Metaphysical: So how exactly do you inject “emotion” into a vehicle? This man knows how.
> His Lexus job: “add passion”
Master of the Metaphysical
A “take no prisoners” challenge: Lexus invites MotorTrend and Automobile Magazine to test the GS F Sport against a BMW and Mercedes.
> The results
The new 2013 LX: A closer look at the restyled LX 570, with photos from its debut at the Detroit auto show.
> Looks good with a spindle grille
The new 2013 LX
Lexus teases its latest ad: Attention Lexus fans (especially fans of creative Lexus ads)—this year, Lexus will run its first commercial during a certain upcoming big game.
> Involves smashing metal
Lexus Concept Vehicle
A low-flying Lexus LX: In the first major off-road race of 2012, a modified Lexus LX goes airborne—and finishes first in its class.
> See the photo
Lexus LX
A peek inside the LF-LC digital sketchbook: Lexus’ Calty design studio shows off the behind-the-scenes work that led to the new concept car.
> Very cool drawings
Lexus Concept Vehicle
A 600,000-mile Lexus road trip: Lexus Chief Engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori spent no less than four years test-driving the GS around the world.
> Why the Russian police got involved
Lexus Year in Review: Kevin Watts, the Lexus Enthusiast, looks back at the top stories of 2011
> His selections
Lexus posts new concept car’s first interior photo: Last week, Lexus revealed a little bit of the exterior; this week, you get a peek inside the cabin.
> Latest photo
Lexus Concept Vehicle
Holiday recipes for Lexus owners: Top Napa Valley wineries—including those that give Lexus drivers special treatment—create an elegant online recipe book.
> Flip through the recipes
Napa Holiday Recipes
Lexus’ new concept vehicle: It’s like a holiday-season gift for Lexus fans—a first official image of Lexus’ new concept car.
> Interesting front-corner curves
Lexus Concept Vehicle
Baja 1000 race wreaks havoc on cars: Almost half the vehicles didn’t make the finish line. A modified Lexus LX, however, performed flawlessly.
> How it ended
Baja 1000
Turkey from a master: Celeb chef Michael Chiarello’s unique approach to preparing a Thanksgiving bird.
> Vertical roasting
Turkey from a master
Meet the Lexus GS mastermind: 2013 Lexus GS Chief Engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori chats about his breakthrough vehicle.
> What the GS “inherited” from the LFA
Meet the Lexus GS mastermind
Scenes from SEMA, Part II: Lexus project cars draw crowds, the GS F Sport gets uncovered, and pro race drivers take Lexus fans on three hours of rubber-burning thrill rides.
> Recap video
Scenes from SEMA, Part II
Scenes from SEMA 2011: Lexus invades the SEMA auto show today with the new GS F SPORT, three new custom-tuned project cars, and one burly-looking off-road racing LX.
> Video from the floor
Scenes from SEMA 2011
Behind the 2013 GS project car: Troy Sumitomo of Five Axis creates an intriguing 2013 GS F SPORT for SEMA.
> “A real pure statement”
GS Tuner
What’s on (Web) TV: Lexus’ L Studio kicks off Season 4 of Lisa Kudrow’s passive-aggressive help sessions in Web Therapy—and manages to lure Jack Black and Zooey Deschanel into a travel trailer.
> Why Jack Black is “obsessed with getting on TV”
What’s on (Web) TV
Lexus’ latest special editions: Lexus rings in autumn with special editions for the ES and LS.
> Plenty of wood and leather
Special Editions
From the Heart: The Lexus global community helps respond to the earthquake disaster in Japan.
> A worldwide response
Master Recipes
Back on track: Off-road racing champ Joe Bacal completes the repairs on his modified Lexus LX—and then grabs a podium spot at a rugged race in Mexico.
> Vehicle “good as new”
Back on track
Unveiled—the 2013 GS Hybrid: The GS hit parade continues as Lexus pulls the covers off the hybrid edition in Frankfurt, Germany. And the show ain’t over yet, folks.
> Spindle grille: cool with blue badging
Unveiled—the 2013 GS Hybrid
Ready to serve: How Lexus helped out an owner, and 18 combat veterans, in a single morning.
> Not just a flat tire that day
Ready to serve
Detail shots: The Lexus Enthusiast, who happens to be one fine photographer, gets up close and personal with the 2013 GS.
> Superb interior photos
Cook like an Iron Chef: Iron Chef America’s Masaharu Morimoto shares a personal recipe with food-appreciating Lexus fans.
> Stuffing shiso
Master Recipes
Glad you could come: Here’s what made the all-new 2013 GS unveiling special—you were there.
> Lexus fans see the car firsthand
Lexus GS
Undercover: Next week, Lexus will finally reveal the all-new 2013 GS. For Lexus fans, it’s been a long, camouflaged road of spy shots and teaser images—here’s the play-by-play recap.
> From The Lexus Enthusiast
Lexus GS
Hello, NASCAR—meet the Lexus LFA: NASCAR champ Kyle Busch shows some potential LFA buyers a seriously good time.
> Not your typical test drive
Kyle Busch
Okanagan Valley wines—who knew?: In our endless mission to keep the world’s Lexus owners abreast of worthy trends, we bring you a firsthand look at the “Napa Valley of Canada.”
> More than 140 vineyards
Okanagan Valley wines
First rides in the all-new GS: Our global auto editor returns from Japan after cruising around in the next Lexus GS.
> “It’s a driving machine”
First rides in the new GS
Quite the catch: Larry Fitzgerald Jr., the Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver, talks about time away from football, his charity work, and test-driving the Lexus LFA.
> Our talk with the five-time NFL Pro Bowler
Larry Fitzgerald Jr
The Contenders: Two Lexus LFAs hit the racing circuit at Germany’s Nürburgring 24-hour race.
> A test of the supercars’ mettle
Lexus LFAs
The world’s best fireworks blog: Upcoming Fourth of July festivities drove us to this entertaining site, but one post in particular sold us on the blog’s “world’s best” status.
> A Lexus ad you haven’t seen
The world’s best fireworks blog
LS Touring Edition: Ah, summer. Buds have bloomed, birds are chirping, and the special LS 460 Touring Edition has rolled out of production.
> Just 500 available
LS special edition
Uphill battles: Last week, off-road racing champ Joe Bacal and his modified Lexus LX took a 10-roll tumble down a steep Baja 500 hillside—and the LX still drove back to base.
> Our post-crash interview & video
Uphill battles
Just looking: So you’ve finally decided that the LFA is just too fantastic to pass up. But where do you go to take a closer look these days, just to check things out?
> Hint: go where exotic cars like to gather
LFA Shopping
CT Remix Project: If you haven’t yet, listen to and then download the music from the recent CT commercials—a portion of the project’s proceeds go toward the Red Cross Tsunami Relief fund.
> Lexus fans’ favorite track
CT Remix Project
Dream team: Lexus recruits an elite team of “Culinary Masters” with big-league names like Morimoto and Boulud. Why? Because Lexus owners know good food when they taste it, of course.
> Who’s on the team
Dream team
On assignment: Last weekend, the Lexus magazine team crossed the hot and dusty desert on a noble quest: to entice you to finally take a CT Hybrid test drive.
> OK, so we ended up in Palm Springs
Lexus CT 200h
Wine of champions: Scott Pruett—aka the face of Lexus performance driving—talks about his other noteworthy talent: making some pretty decent wines.
> Why he named them “Section 8”
Wine of champions
Supercharged: To quote one Lexus Facebook fan, the supercharged CT Hybrid at the New York auto show is “supa freakin hottttt!!!!” Meet the man behind the modifications.
> Car gets an estimated 300 hp
CT Hybrid at the New York auto show
Behold—the LF-Gh concept: Shots of the LF-Gh concept vehicle have been out for a couple weeks, but Lexus just revealed the real thing at a jumping party in New York City—here’s the video:
> Like that new front-end design?
LFA driving school, part II—the movie: Last week, we posted The Lexus Enthusiast’s superbly told tale of the LFA driving school experience. This week, we bring you...the video!
> Prepare to be jealous
LFA Driving School
Lexus LF-Gh Concept Vehicle photos: Lexus will reveal its newest concept at the New York auto show in a few weeks, but these are the first official photos.
> What do you think?
LF-Gh photos
So who’s buying the CT Hybrid?: Okay, now that the vehicles are in dealerships, what kinds of people are interested? Answer: a wide variety, including Lexus service techs.
> Why one new owner bought a CT
So who’s buying the CT Hybrid?:
Some wicked driver’s ed: Last week, we sent The Lexus Enthusiast out to Lexus’ LFA driving school for some intense, in-the-car reporting. Here’s a few initial photos.
> One lesson: hitting 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds
Wicked driving ed
On natural disasters: Somewhere in Japan a Lexus owner is no doubt helping an earthquake victim. How do we know? Over the years, we’ve received countless stories about Lexus drivers lending a hand in times of trouble.
> One owner’s story
Lexus versus natural disasters
Keep the car chases coming: We’re going for two weeks in a row on the Lexus CT 200h commercials. This new ad, released this week, is a graphical Dark Ride-style chase. Hmmm, I think there’s a theme here...
> Bad guy or good guy behind the wheel?
Keep the car chases coming
Drum Roll: Lexus Europe posts a fun CT 200h commercial in honor of the model’s March dealership debut.
> An entertaining video
Customizing the CT 200h: Five Axis’ Troy Sumitomo tells guest blogger Kevin Watts, of The Lexus Enthusiast, all about his
CT 200h modifications—such as color-shifting “Dark Passage” paint.
> Why photos “don’t do the paint justice”
Five Axis CT 200h | © Five Axis
The CT 200hs are coming!: They’re rolling off the ships, so we headed down to the docks to get some footage—and came up with nine reasons you’ll soon be taking a CT 200h test drive.
> A fun place to drive a CT 200h: cargo ships
CT 200h
Voluntary recall: Last week, Lexus announced a voluntary recall for some models of GS and IS (to check and tighten the fuel pressure sensor). Here’s the official info.
> Learn more
Voluntary recall
Videos from Detroit: Another superb Detroit auto show came to a close this weekend. Check out these parting video clips from the Lexus display area.
> An interview, a light show, and a spinning CT 200h
Videos from Detroit
First look at LFA production: Here are a couple of shots we took at the “LFA Works,” Lexus’ name for the LFA’s special assembly area at the Motomachi plant.
> A facility two years in the making
We just can’t look away: Lexus magazine’s editors are in Detroit staring at that orange LFA right now, and the car looks good. But don’t take our word for it—scroll through the photos we just posted.
> What’s your favorite angle?
Detroit Auto Show
Lexus gears up for Detroit: Next week is the mother of all auto shows, and the Lexus booth will, as always, showcase Lexus’ usual automotive flair (hint: orange LFA). The best part: Lexus magazine will tweet you photos via @Lexus.
> Not following @Lexus on Twitter yet? It’s time!
Follow Lexus on Twitter
CT 200h price announced: If you’re wondering if this could be your first Lexus, wonder no longer: Lexus released the car’s official U.S. starting price of $29,120 (dealer price may vary). And make no mistake—this car is Lexus-premium all the way.
> What you get for $29,120
CT 200h Price
The “Performance Meister” speaketh: Insights from one of the most influential minds at Lexus that you’ve never heard of—Hirokazu Koga, the man who’s job it’s been to put “emotion” in every Lexus vehicle.
> What Lexus, Kevin Costner, and samurai have in common
Hirokazu Koga
Latest IS F photos: A couple of weeks ago, we took the Lexus IS F out for some new photos. Revelation: The car looks just as awesome in a desert as it does in a driveway.
> Bet you can’t pick a favorite shot
Latest IS F photos
Watch Darkcasting!: Four episodes of Lexus’ in-car talk show are live, and they’re pretty entertaining—and we’re not just saying that because host Whitney Cummings gave us this great interview.
> Watch & read
<i>Darkcasting</i> New Orleans
May we suggest an app?: Lexus’ new Enform Mobile app is becoming a hit, which got us thinking about some other apps Lexus owners might find useful...
> Have these?
new Enform Mobile app
Your latest Lexus-drivers-only benefit: It’s official. Lexus owners have no excuse for putting off a Napa Valley getaway, where there’s VIP status at top wineries and a new Lexus-drivers dining credit at Yountville’s Bardessono restaurant.
> Your newest benefit
Tribute to a Test Driver: Honoring the memory of the man whose spirit help shape the LFA, Lexus recently posted a video tribute to chief test driver, Hiromu Naruse.
> Watch the video
Tribute to a Test Driver
Scenes from SEMA: The 2010 SEMA auto show is in full swing, and The Lexus Enthusiast’s Kevin Watts is capturing it all, from this year’s Lexus project cars to the Lexus-booth DJ.
> View photos
Scenes from SEMA
A new set of wheels: When the revamped LFA prototype rolls out this week at SEMA, it’ll sport a hot set of wheels designed by the prestigious, and super-advanced, tuner equipment provider CEC.
> Early wheel photos
Dark conversations: From commercials to award-winning Web shows, Lexus is undeniably the world’s most entertaining automaker. Its latest production, the in-car talk show Darkcasting, will further prove this fact.
> Read more
 the in-car talk show Darkcasting
Lexus LFA for the Xbox: It’s game on for the Lexus LFA—the car will officially join the Forza Motorsport dream vehicles when the newest version of the Xbox 360 game arrives this month.
> Learn more
Lexus LFA for the Xbox
Advanced bamboo technology: With all the fun coverage these past weeks about what it’s like to actually drive a CT 200h, it was almost easy to miss a major, almost hidden innovation: bamboo speakers.
> Learn more
Advanced Bamboo Technology
Lexus’ handy new app: Lexus’ free Lexus Enform app is ready for downloading, meaning that if you have an Enform subscription, you can now use the eDestination service on your phone. (And that’s just one feature.)
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Lexus’ handy new app
A special LFA for SEMA: In September, Lexus began transforming the LFA prototype for November’s SEMA auto show—it’s getting a new look inside and out.
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A special LFA for SEMA
Meanwhile, on the off-road racing circuit... The only pro off-road driver to race a Lexus LX, Joe Bacal just won again, this time in the Nevada-California desert. This proves, again, that luxury and true-grit go together.
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Joe Bacal Racing
Visit Lexus just launched its official Twitter handle. If you own, or want to own, a Lexus auto, this is a good one to follow—it’s valuable, rapid-fire vehicle info straight from Lexus.
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Follow Lexus on Twitter
The next challenge is on: If you’ve got a child in middle or high school, we really encourage you to get his or her school involved in the Lexus Eco Challenge, which will award $500,000 in grants and scholarships this year.
> More info
Lexus Eco Challenge
I drive a fast car: A few weeks ago, Lexus driver Dave Schotz took his everyday Lexus, an IS F, to a major amateur racing event, then soundly beat all the dedicated racing vehicles. This is a guy, and an IS F, we had to learn more about.
> Read the interview
Dave Schotz IS F | © Dave Schotz
Lexus pro driver Scott Pruett rocks: Last week, Lexus Facebook fans got to ask test driver Scott Pruett what it’s like to drive the LFA; he then answered questions personally. (Full disclosure: he also answered our question—thanks Scott!)
> Watch the video answers
Scott Pruett
Lexus reschedules CT 200h ride-and-drive events: Lexus now has official new dates for you to test-drive the CT 200h. The first event will happen in Chicago, then New York, Miami, and L.A.
> See new dates
Rescheduled CT 200h ride-and-drive events
A blazing yellow LFA supercar: The Lexus Enthusiast just posted photos of a new wasp-like LFA prototype. If this is where Lexus’ head is at, we can’t wait to see the 2011 models.
> View photos
A blazing yellow LFA supercar
Follow Lexus on Twitter: Lexus’ official Twitter handle, @LexusMagazine, is up and cruising, and it’s dishing out good info. We’re thinking you’re the one to be the 1,000th follower.
> Follow Lexus on Twitter
Lexus on Twitter
More than 100,000 Lexus Facebook fans!: If you haven't clicked it already, it's time to hit that Like button. Lexus, and thousands of fellow Lexus owners, want you in the club.
> Visit the Lexus Facebook page
Visit the Lexus Facebook page
Get your Dark Ride card: The CT 200h pre-launch events are picking up steam. If you haven't signed up for a Dark Ride card to gain access to the more exclusive happenings, the time to hit that was yesterday.
> Sign up for your card
Get your Dark Ride card
Take your first CT 200h test drive: The CT 200h ride-and-drive tour kicks off in two weeks, and it hits several cities around the country. This is your chance to finally get inside the prototype—don’t pass it up.
> Cities and dates
Take your first CT 200h test drive
You’re missing L Studio’s “Web Therapy”!: It’s 44 episodes into the third season, and Lisa Kudrow is Hilarious with a capital H. Catch up, watch your first webisode, whatever—this is good stuff.
> Latest episode
You’re missing L Studio’s “Web Therapy”!
Download your supercar ringtones: Lexus and Yamaha have tuned the LFA's V10 engine sounds into musical notes. A warning, though: these ringtones may still scare your cat.
> Listen and download
Download your supercar ringtones
Sponsor a future golfer: The Lexus-backed Hook A Kid On Golf program brings top instruction to kids who might otherwise never set foot on a fairway. It’s definitely worth your charitable dime—and you can quickly sponsor a child online for $125.
> Learn more
Hook A Kid On Golf
Lexus magazine gets street-legal: In case you haven't discovered this yet, Lexus mag is now on your iPhone—just search for us or visit
<i>Lexus</i> magazine gets street-legal
Our (new) favorite Lexus ad of 2010: Well, Lexus has come full circle. Years ago, the wine-glasses-on-the-hood ad became Lexus’ iconic symbol of a quiet, refined engine. That is, until Lexus made a 552 hp V10 that can shatter those glasses.
> Watch the new ad
Our (new) favorite Lexus ad of 2010
Package deal: Lexus just cut the pricing way back on some of its F Sport custom performance parts, all nicely bundled up in a few sweet deals for the IS, IS C, and GS.
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Lexus F Sport
Race driver, LFA tester, evildoer?: The Lexus Enthusiast posted a fun interview with racer Scott Pruett. We love this guy, whose recent jobs include driving the LFA at insane speeds and playing a bad guy in the new Dark Ride movie.
> Watch the interview
Race driver, LFA tester, and evil-doer?
This man wants you on the dark side (of green): Lexus just posted two good CT 200h video tours from Chief Designer Takeshi Tanabe.
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Chief Designer Takeshi Tanabe
GX 460 is now “secure” says Consumer Reports: Thanks to Lexus’ quick evaluation and software update to address last month’s GX 460 stability control system concern, Consumer Reports has removed its “Don’t Buy” label for the vehicle.
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GX 460
Green machine: Lexus’ hybrid bicycle concept has eco-bloggers doing a double take. Just like a Lexus hybrid vehicle, the bike combines conventional power (the rider) with an electric motor.
> Take a look
Green machine:
Dark Ride is coming: Welcome to the new world of test driving. In two weeks, Lexus launches Dark Ride—an interactive CT 200h test drive that turns you into an action-movie stud. Say what, you say? Just watch the trailer.
> Watch now
Dark Ride Trailer
Voluntary recall for the Lexus GX 460: In response to last week’s Consumer Reports alert, Lexus is encouraging 2010 GX 460 owners to come in for a Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) software update.
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Voluntary recall for the Lexus GX 460
CT 200h engineer answers a few questions: We’ve got our own upcoming interview with the man behind the CT 200h, Chief Engineer Osamu Sadakata, but until then, check out this excellent Sadakata interview on The Lexus Enthusiast.
> Read interview
CT 200h engineer answers a few questions
Win a CT 200h for one year: Heads up—you’ve got a chance to win a CT 200h. Visit the Darker Side of Green website for more info, where you’ll also get a sneak peek at “Dark Ride,” the vehicle’s upcoming interactive test drive.
> Enter contest
Win a CT 200h for one year
CNET Reviews the CT 200h: Here’s a great little CT 200h tour. Just ignore the fact that CNET says the car is only for Europe—it’s coming to the U.S. this winter.
> Watch the review
CNET Reviews the CT 200h
The best Lexus ad this year (so far): If you haven’t seen it, watch the amazingly choreographed “Milestones” commercial. And rest assured: no Lexus vehicles were harmed during the making of this video.
> Watch it
Lexus ad
Eat! Drink! Pebble Beach Food & Wine is coming: This annual Lexus-sponsored event is now one of the country’s most popular culinary festivals. The format is pretty simple: elite chefs will make you awesome food.
> How to attend
Pebble Beach Food & Wine
Lexus hybrid earns high safety rating: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has given the Lexus HS 250h its highest rating for “frontal offset crash protection.”
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Lexus HS 250h
Lexus CT 200h will come to America: Lexus’ next hybrid enjoyed some good reviews at the Geneva Motor Show this month. Fortunately, the Europeans won’t get all the fun when the car rolls off the assembly line in December.
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Lexus CT 200h
Lexus makes an IS C F-Sport Special Edition: Heads up—an IS Convertible F-Sport Special Edition arrives this spring. Only 100 will be made, so get yourself on your dealer’s test-drive list now.
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IS C F-Sport
Lexus Web-comedy star nominated: Lisa Kudrow is a comedic genius, so it’s no surprise that she, along with Courtney Cox, just received a 2010 Streamy Award nomination for her role in Lexus L Studio’s Web Therapy.
> Watch the latest epidode
Lisa Kudrow
Lexus to reveal CT 200h at Geneva Motor Show: Well, it's now official—in a few weeks, Lexus will unveil the production version of the LF-Ch concept car.
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CT 200h
Lexus posts answers to recall questions: Have questions about the voluntary HS 250h safety recall—or any recall questions? Toyota and Lexus posted some handy FAQs last week.
> Visit this FAQ page
The LF-Ch goes Hollywood: If you haven’t seen this video yet, take a look—the LF-Ch rolls out for a recent Hollywood photoshoot.
> Watch video
LFA Event
Make a hot date with the LFA: Journalists, potential buyers, and Lexus owners meet the LFA for drinks at Manhattan’s Espace ballroom.
> Learn more
LFA Event
Follow the Lexus LF-Ch: LF-Ch fans, take note—Lexus Europe’s LF-Ch Twitter page is a decent source for LF-Ch happenings. So far, almost 800 people agree. (Twitter handle: @Lexus_EU)
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 Lexus LF-Ch on Twitter
Dude, where’s my supercar?: It’s not actually missing, it’s just on the move. Here’s the official public-viewing schedule from Lexus—check for your neighborhood.
> Upcoming LFA appearances
Lexus LFA
Lexus shines at the Detroit auto show: North America’s biggest auto show kicks off today. A few starring roles: the LFA supercar, LF-Ch concept, and new GX 460.
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Lexus at Detroit
More special treatment for Lexus owners: If you own a Lexus, you’ve still got discounts and gifts at top hotels and wineries around the country. Your job: resolve to get out and use them.
> Your 2010 Lexus benefits
Lexus Owner Benefits
Ten reasons Lexus ruled the world in 2009: Okay, already—it was a tough year for automakers. Except someone forgot to tell Lexus.
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2009: The Year of Lexus
Jay Leno’s Garage digs the LFA: This is our kind of review—the comedy god’s auto-blog team takes a Lexus supercar for a high-speed test drive.
> Watch the review
LFA Review
Lexus’ latest LF-Ch video: And now for a different take on the latest Lexus concept car—with some details and angles you won’t find in any auto show sites.
> Watch video
LF-Ch Video
Build your own supercar: Okay, we can’t stop covering the LFA, especially when Lexus allows you to build your own version online.
> Build an LFA
Build Your Own LFA
Lexus gets foxy: Lexus’ SEMA project cars get crazier, and more impressive, every year. Enjoy this fun video showcase, Foxy Green paint and all.
> Watch video
 SEMA Project Car
Lexus’ loud V10 engine: Forget Lexus’ usual mechanical silence. The LFA’s giant V10 thunders, especially on a speedway.
> Watch video
LFA Engine
Anytime, Anywhere: The redesigned GX is coming. Highlights: Crawl Control, four terrain modes, and a camera on all sides of the vehicle.
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Lexus GX
The team that shaped the LF-Ch: They came. They drew. They carved. They’re the geniuses at Calty Design Research that helped make the LF-Ch.
> Watch them in action
Calty Design Research Video
VIP treatment for Lexus owners: From December to March, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has some special offers for Lexus drivers. There are some availability restrictions, but the offers are worth checking out.
> Learn more
Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
Latest LS features self-restoring paint: When the Lexus LS arrived this fall, it came with an advanced surface paint that fixes itself when scratched.
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Latest LS Features Self-Restoring Paint
Lexus owner shows off 1,000-horsepower IS: Last month, Lexus announced a contest on Facebook to find the best driver-modified Lexus model. This week, Lexus is showcasing the winning vehicle at the SEMA auto show.
> See the winning vehicle
Lexus SEMA Contest Winners Showcase Their Vehicles
Instructional videos on Lexus Drivers website: Lexus has created a library of demos and tutorials on the Lexus Drivers site. The demos cover an array of vehicle features, and are searchable by model.
> Search the videos
Instructional Videos on Lexus Drivers Website
Latest LFA unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show: The newest version of the LFA supercar, now available for purchase inquiries, makes a major appearance in Japan this week.
> See the LFA in Tokyo
Lexus LF-A
Number of Lexus Facebook page fans nearing 50,000: The Lexus Facebook page has become a popular forum for owners to voice feedback and hear about events like last summer’s HS 250h giveaway.
> Become a Lexus Facebook fan
Lexus on Facebook
Lexus debuts new eco materials: The HS 250h, which arrived last month, is the first Lexus to use CO2-reducing Ecological Plastics™.
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Lexus Enform™
Recently subscribed to Lexus Enform™? Start using eDestination—Lexus’ destination management system. It allows you to search for up to 200 locations from a PC and send them to your (available) navigation system.
> Try it out on the Lexus Drivers site
Lexus Enform™
What do you think of the new LF-Ch? Lexus has posted photos of its new concept car, a sporty hybrid that pairs driving enjoyment with a sustainable focus. Lexus also wants opinions. Like it? Don’t like it? Send in your thoughts.
> View photos and send feedback
 Lexus LF-Ch;
Attention parents: The third Lexus Eco Challenge gets underway on September 28. It’s worth getting your child’s school involved—this year, winning teams will receive $500,000 in grants and scholarships.
> Learn more on the Lexus Eco Challenge website

Lexus Eco Challenge
HS 250h ready for test drives: The most fuel-efficient luxury-class vehicle, the Lexus HS 250h, is in showrooms now.
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 Lexus HS 250h