11/08/2012—It was late in August when I first heard rumors about a two-tone Lexus LFA arriving in the U.S. One month later, a video appeared on YouTube showing a Steel Gray LFA with a Pearl Gray roof being delivered to Lexus of Lehigh Valley in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Shortly after that, I was on my way to Allentown, all set to meet with the dealership owner, Peter Cooper, who had purchased the LFA after his son suggested its unique paint job.

After spending the morning at the dealership (which has a stunning collection of wrapped Lexus vehicles in colors like Sky Blue and Lime Green), we took the LFA to the outskirts of Allentown, determined to get some great photos:

The two shades of gray complement one another—the darker Steel Gray matches the window tint perfectly, giving the cabin exterior a unified, pod-like look, and it balances nicely with the warm Pearl Gray body.

It’s hard to believe that a two-tone paint job could be understated, but the way the colors blend together is surprising in its subtlety—just the right combination of brash and class for the Lexus supercar.

—KEVIN WATTS (The Lexus Enthusiast)