05/06/2011—Culinary fact: Lexus drivers and noteworthy wines are a classic pairing. Like Bordeaux and lamb. Chablis and oysters. A wine critic and phrases like “lush,” “full-bodied,” and “complexity.”

And that’s why it should be no surprise that Lexus owner and racing champ Scott Pruett—aka the face of Lexus performance driving—attended last weekend’s Fourth Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine (Lexus was a premier sponsor) to showcase the fruits of his other longtime talent: California winemaking.

Have a listen as he introduces the label named for his daughter:

Video length: 00:52

Fans of Pruett, of course, know that he’s been at the vinification game for some time, long enough to be producing several quality wines. Lucky Lauren Red is just one of Pruett Vineyard’s “Section 8” vintages; there’s also his Section 8 Syrah, Section 8 Grenache, and Section 8 Commando Cab.

And there’s a good reason for the army-themed “Section 8” moniker, says Pruett, who explained that the name helped kick-start Pruett Vineyard’s first harvest:

“My next door neighbor, who also had a vineyard, said to me one day, ‘Hey, I’ve got some leftover fruit, would you like to have it?’

“Yeah, I said! Absolutely, that’d be great, so I got on the phone with a few buddies, a doctor and a lawyer and a guy from the business world, and I said, Hey, come help me pick fruit! We’re going to go pick, maybe, uh, 1,000 pounds, and it’s going to be great fun!

“So we go out there, and here’s us picking: clip…clip…clip. After about four or five hours, we’re thinking this is bleeping crazy. So if you know the TV show M*A*S*H at all, you know that Klinger was always trying to get out on a Section 8, because he was acting crazy too...”

ESPW at Pebble Beach Food & Wine

And there you have it. Pruett Vineyard also offers the 2009 Pruett Grenache, 2008 Championship Cuvee, and 2008 Pruett Folie—but his 2008 Pruett Syrah is sold out.

By the way, if you’re wondering about those people next to Pruett, that’s respected wine writer Mark Oldman on the left and former NFL QB Rick Mirer (yet another pro athlete turned pro vintner) on the right, which is why this particular Pebble Beach Food & Wine event was appropriately entitled “ESPW”—short for “Entertaining Sports Personalities & Their Wines.”


Legal Disclaimer

Lexus does not advocate combining driving with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.