Lexus CT 200h Coming to U.S.
Lexus CT 200h

03/15/2010—The new CT 200h[1] will definitely be made for U.S. drivers, and production is expected to begin in December 2010—just in case you’re still wondering.

Rumors are still flying that the CT 200h, the production version of the LF-Ch concept car, will be made only for Europe, which would have been a major disappointment to the vehicle’s North American fans.

At Lexus magazine, we’ve watched this chatter—especially in the days leading up to the vehicle’s official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show a couple of weeks ago—with hands behind our backs so they wouldn’t touch our keyboards.

You see, we wanted to clear the air. We were dying, actually, to assure everyone who cares about this vehicle—the world’s first luxury compact hybrid—that it would indeed be coming to America.

But at Lexus, there’s a schedule for talking about these things, and we, of course, abide. The trade-off: the information we provide about new vehicles is officially from Lexus insiders, so you can take it to the bank. So here’s a deposit: no matter what you read to the contrary, take it from Lexus magazine: Lexus’ next hybrid will be a U.S.-available model.

And we plan on giving you more on the vehicle soon, including an interview with CT 200h Chief Engineer Osamu “Sam” Sadakata. Nice guy. Dang smart, actually. In the meantime, just in case you haven’t had a chance to get a handle on which features made it from concept to early production model, take a look at Lexus’ recent CT 200h press release. —BRIAN GILL

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[1] Available 2011