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Lexus unveils its most advanced cabin-comfort system ever: Lexus Climate Concierge.

7/31/2012—According to the Les Clefs d’Or, the prestigious professional organization for the world’s top hotel concierges, the truly great members in the field “are motivated by a genuine desire to serve” and are “adaptable,” “ingenious,” and a symbol of “quality service.”

Sounds a lot like Lexus technologies.

It’s fitting, then, that Lexus has applied the concierge concept to the 2013 LS cabin environment via the aptly named Lexus Climate Concierge system—an optional feature that LS engineers spent a great deal of time creating.

If you’re a veteran LS driver, it may be hard to believe that the superb cabin-comfort systems could be enhanced further.

However, Lexus Climate Concierge is a leap forward, since it now essentially coordinates the cabin comfort components—multi-zone climate control systems, heated steering wheel, seat warmers—so they work together, automatically, to achieve your desired temperature.

And that’s easier said than done. Imagine: some of those components are in direct contact with the occupants (ever had a seat warmer suddenly feel too warm?), such as the heated steering wheel or seat heating, while the multi-zone climate control system’s heater and air-conditioning apply changes farther away from the body.

Synchronizing them to achieve a finely tuned temperature halo in each occupant’s “zone”—without the driver or passengers having to make adjustments manually—was no small technological feat.

Lexus achieved it, however, thanks in part to a network of 14 sensors that help the system regulate the temperature of the cabin seats and determine, say, for the driver, how long the seat or steering wheel heat should remain on to achieve the desired temperature in the driver zone—and then keep making adjustments automatically.

So let’s go back to those Les Clefs d’Or concierge standards. Ingenious? Check. Adaptable? Inherently so. A symbol of quality and service? Definitely.

It’s just the Lexus way.

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