“How do I set up my vehicle’s Bluetooth hands-free phone system?”

This is one of the most common Lexus-driver questions fielded by Lexus customer service representatives, and speaking as somebody who recently had to figure it out, I can sympathize with the need for some clarification.

First of all, know that most Lexus dealers will set up your Bluetooth®[1] connection for you—just make a service appointment (which, by the way, you can now do on the Lexus Drivers site), and make sure to bring in your phone or mobile device. Your dealer will also walk you through the basic functions.


To set things up yourself, first conduct a few pre-flight duties. Equip yourself with both your phone owner’s manual and your Lexus owner’s manual (note that you can download your owner’s manual online after registering for the Lexus Drivers site). Also, make sure that your phone or mobile device is compatible with your Lexus model, which you can do on the Lexus website.

Next, I advise getting into a patient mindset. I had to. When I set up my system, I found it to be relatively straightforward, but I’m not going to pretend it was a snap. It did take me an hour or so to work things out in my driveway, sitting in the car with my phone, its operating instructions, and the Lexus owner’s manual, but I did do it.

Okay, Bluetooth-enabled phone, check. Owner’s manuals, check. Zen mindset, check. You’re now ready to go.

Bluetooth is simply a wireless connection that enables your vehicle and phone to talk to one another, so your job is to establish this connection. To do this, you’ll need to do two things: register your cellular phone into your vehicle’s system, then set up your phone to enable the Bluetooth connection.

Registering your phone is relatively easy: press your vehicle’s talk switch—your vehicle’s owners manual will help you find it—and say “Pair Phone” to put your Lexus into registration mode. Next, follow the vehicle’s voice commands (or the three-step instructions in your owner’s manual), until the vehicle’s display screen shows a four-digit PIN number (it might be called a “passkey” in your manual). Hold on to that number; you’ll need it in a moment.

Now it’s time for the second part: setting up the phone. Turn on your phone and activate Bluetooth. For many phones, activating Bluetooth is as simple as turning the phone on, but all phones vary. On mine, the path for activating Bluetooth is Settings>Connection>Bluetooth>Setup. Fortunately, you’ve got your phone’s manual right there to consult and follow.

Once your phone’s Bluetooth function is activated, the phone will automatically scan for all wireless devices in its range and display them on the phone screen. One of these (likely the only one) will be your Lexus. Now, enter the PIN number your Lexus gave you into the phone. Once complete, the two devices (car and phone) will be synced, and you can start using your vehicle’s Bluetooth system.

Check out the quick video below from a Lexus owner, which does a good job illustrating these steps. Also, check Ask Lexus at the end of the month, when we’ll cover owners’ recent questions about using Bluetooth on the road. —CLARK HEIDEGER, LEXUS AUTOMOTIVE EDITOR

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Legal Disclaimers
[1] The Bluetooth® technology phones listed on have been tested for compatibility with Lexus vehicles. Performance will vary based on phone software version, coverage and your wireless carrier. Phones are warranted by their manufacturer, not Lexus.